Meet the team

we have a great team with a wide range of experience and expertise to ensure your event meets your requirements

Together with our facilitators we will ensure your needs are met at the same time as having some fun and adventure.

  • Steve Adlard
    Steve Adlard

    Leadership Training

    Steve has built his career by focusing on a continued interest in leadership, organisational development, and helping people achieve their potential in business...
  • Barbara Burgess
    Barbara Burgess

    Management Development

    Barbara is a skilled Management Development and Training practitioner with over 15 years experience of working alongside clients as both a consultant and an...
  • Rob Pugh
    Rob Pugh

    Development Trainer

    Rob is an experienced development trainer with over 10 years experience of providing opportunities for individuals and teams to achieve real development during...
  • Ian Buckingham
    Ian Buckingham

    Human Resource Development.

    My experience in senior management positions within the engineering and manufacturing sectors has given me a passion and an informed insight into how people...
  • Kait Bradley
    Kait Bradley

    Senior Instructor

    Kait has been an integral part of Blackwell Adventures success, having been a part of the team for over 10 years. She has been the lead organiser of large scale...
  • Ned Lloyd
    Ned Lloyd

    Programme and Activities Manager

    Ned has worked at Blackwell Adventure for more than 8 years and comes with a wealth of knowledge in the industry.  Having managed activity centres in the UK and...
  • Helen Price
    Helen Price

    Business Development Manager

    Helen has worked at Blackwell Adventure since its launch 10 years ago and has been involved in its development right from the beginning. She started her career...
  • Rob Scotford
    Rob Scotford

    Customer Development Co-ordinator

    Rob fully understands the needs and expectations from business clients thanks to a working career dealing with corporate organisations in the hotel and leisure...
  • Paul Corrall
    Paul Corrall

    Owner of Corrallation Business Solutions Ltd

    Paul is an experienced manager with a background in automotive, manufacturing and health and social care sectors, where Human Resources and Organisational...
  • Ian Mountford
    Ian Mountford

    Director, Midland Training & Development Services

    Ian has extensive experience in senior management within the automotive sector both in operational and strategic organisational development roles as well as...
  • The 3 Js
    The 3 Js

    Our fab food and drink facilitating ladies

    Please meet our lovely three Js , made up of Jane, Jill and Jan. These three ladies will ensure your day runs smoothly by catering to your every need. They have...
  • Gareth Roberts
    Gareth Roberts

    Chief Executive of Blackwell Adventure

    Gareth has been instrumental in the foundation and development of Blackwell Adventure since it was formed in 2006. He started his working life in engineering at...