This is all about hitting those targets! We will show you how to use the Archery equipment and develop your skills. This base is also ideal for individuals or groups who may want to avoid heights and keep their feet on the ground.

High Ropes Course

Our high ropes course develops not only you as an individual, but also you as part of a wider team. You will need to identify the team’s strengths and weaknesses as you scale the different elements. Each high ropes base offers a different outcome and challenge. Elements include High All Aboard, Crate Stack, Giants Ladder and Fan Descender. Check out our gallery for more photos.


Once you have been shown how to read a map you will need to navigate your way around our 52 acre course. You will work together to ensure time management is considered, along with working together as a team. Decision making is also a key part to the success of the activity.

Team Challenge

This has been designed specifically to pull your team together. Purpose built team challenge exercises will test your ability to understand the importance of communication, leadership and problem solving. It’s based on the ground so another great base if you don’t like heights.

Zip wire

Our fantastic zip wires are a real thrill to ride on, with speeds of up to 35mph over 250 metres; it will bring plenty of entertainment and a shared experience you won’t forget. Make sure you bring a Go-Pro!

Climbing and Abseiling

Our indoor and outdoor climbing walls provide you with an ideal opportunity to work on your skills of co–ordination and determination. Our outdoor triangular tower is 38ft high and offers two sides for Climbing and one for Abseiling. The indoor climbing wall offers a multitude of routes from beginner to advanced.

3G Swing

Once you are strapped onto the 3G Swing, you are then hauled into the air in pairs. When you reach the top you pull the release cord and swing through the air at high speed, helping to overcome any fear of heights or speed. The swing offers a thrill and plenty of entertainment! (Great  for photo opportunities!)


On our Raft Building session, participants will learn new skills and develop in confidence on our beautiful lake. With only a few barrels, logs and some lengths of rope, you and your team will need to design a raft capable of holding your team afloat whilst on the water. Kayaking is also available and we will show you some true paddle skills on the water.